Executive Protection

Executive officers’ decisions for their company impacts a great many areas of business including: stockholders, employees, customers, competitors as well as governmental bodies and agencies. Decisions (or ‘non-decisions’) carry the risk that a lawsuit could be filed against the executive officer.

Individual executives, not just the corporations they serve, are at risk for potential lawsuits.

At First Choice Insurance, we specialize in providing coverage for today’s executive officer. We work closely with a select number of insurance carriers and underwriters that have demonstrated the highest degree of expertise and solutions for this segment. Working together, we craft an insurance program individually designed to protect your executive officers from today’s litigious society.

Through our consulting branch of the agency, we teach your board and other management personnel the critical steps to follow and actions to take in order to reduce or minimize your exposures. Our consulting services are free to all existing policyholders. We also offer, on a fee- basis, our consulting suite of services for clients that are not existing policyholders.

At First Choice Insurance, the right insurance and the right advice from us protects our customers. Let us see what we can do to protect you, your executives and your business.