First Choice Consulting

We created First Choice Consulting for businesses that may not need an insurance agent but do need professional advice, guidance or a skilled negotiator for a specific task or claim.  Our expertise at achieving results from within the insurance industry is available and we’re ready to put that experience to work for you.

Services we perform as your Insurance Consultant:

INSURANCE POLICY AND COVERAGE REVIEW – A second opinion on your current insurance program without having to place your current program out to bid.

  • We conduct a comprehensive review of your operations to identify all exposures.  We then review your current insurance policies and contrast exposures to coverages.  We take our findings and provide a comprehensive written report.  Our report will expose coverage gaps, provide recommendations on coverage you can remove as well as suggestions on actions to take that can lower your insurance premiums.

BID MANAGEMENT – Prepare, interview or select the best insurance proposal for your business.

  • We identify your coverage needs and then handle the process of selecting the best agent/proposal.  Our level of involvement is completely up to you.  We can design the bid specifications alone or we can be involved in handling all phases of the bid management process.

RENEWAL MANAGEMENT – An insurance expert to insure the best coverage at the lowest price for your business.

  • We obtain and prepare all forms and documents necessary for your renewal process.  We work with your existing insurance agent to achieve goal the best possible terms for your renewal

SAFETY MANAGEMENT –Provides a safe working environment for your employees, your property and the public

  • We establish, monitor and maintain a comprehensive safety program for your business.  We can perform all levels of involvement to manage and maintain your safety protocol.

CLAIMS ASSISTANCE –Review past and current claims to insure best outlook for your company.

  • We review all aspects of the claim(s) in question and study the applicable insurance policy(ies) in detail.  We work directly with the claims adjuster (or claims manager) to be sure you receive a fast and fair resolution.   We will even review denied claims.

CUSTOM PROGRAMS –Unique situations that require an insurance and risk management expert on your team.

  • In 30+ years in the industry, there have been many unusual situations that do not fall into the normal experience of most agents. We have handled many non-traditional situations for our clientele.  Our experience can be put to work for you.


We conduct meetings covering topics that are more and more relevant in today’s litigious society.    Each topic explores areas where your business may be susceptible to lawsuits; what you can do to minimize the risk and the types of protection insurance can provide.  These meetings are particularly beneficial to board of directors and other management personnel.  Our training meetings are tailored to your time constraints; usually 1 hour or less/segment.

 Current Training Topics Available:



Jeffrey G. Cassedy, AAI, CIC, CRM
Accredited Advisor in Insurance
Certified Insurance Counselor
Certified Risk Manager
Professional Experience
30 Years Commercial Insurance Experience
President – First Choice Insurance Agency
Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Agent
Licensed Life and Health Insurance Agent
Licensed Property & Casualty Insurance Consultant
Licensed Surplus Lines Broker
Workers’ Compensation Claim Adjuster
Contact Information
Phone: 1.866.928.0111 x300
Fax: 703.842.8196


March 17th, 2016 by First Choice Insurance Agency